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Andrew Rose, Advisor


Andrew is deeply involved in the non-profit community, sitting on/or advising many non-profit boards and social impact organizations. He has in the past served as the Chief Strategy Officer in Residence at the Emerging Technologies Centers, the Chair of the Advisory Council for the Maryland Cybersecurity Association, a judge for the first two years (2019/2020) of the Grow-NY AgInnovation event, a senior advisor for the national 2020 American Farm Bureau Federation AgInnovation Challenge event and was an organizer for the TEDxBaltimore events.

Andrew recently served as the treasurer for the Keystone Development Center. Andrew helped found the GIVE Program, a leadership training program in Maryland for rising professionals.

Andrew Rose began a cybersecurity awareness program in 2016 while at a major agricultural bank after recognizing that the ag sector wasn’t getting the attention it needed about the risks posed by cybercriminals and other adversaries. He helped coordinate several symposiums and events focusing on the topic. He is now an independent contractor and volunteers his time to bringing cybersecurity awareness, education, mitigation, and response to the ag and food supply chain (and other special projects). His focus is on mitigating emerging threats.

In addition to his experience in cybersecurity, he has a deep understanding of banking/finance, risk management, and other professional service sectors related to food, agriculture, and climate.

Andrew Rose, Advisor


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