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Business Meeting

“I have known the founding members of TCV Growth Partners for several years and have seen their capabilities to assist companies with both raising capital and as executive resources in operations such as finance and marketing.  Founders and CEO’s of companies that want to grow but are wearing all the hats and have reached their bandwidth limits would be well advised to get in touch with a TCV Partner.


General Partner Propel 3 Fund and much more

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"We outsourced our CFO and COO positions from TCV and we are very pleased with the results. They have added much needed business acumen to our team and helped us get TEDCO MII funding.  I would not hesitate to recommend TCV Growth Partners to any company that needs to add business professionals to the scientists on their team."


Co Founder and President, HalyCyTech LLC

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"Post seed stage companies looking to raise growth capital should contact TCV Growth Partners.  They are experienced in all phases of raising capital from SBIR grants to ABL Loans and more.  TCV will direct you through every aspect of funding, identifying sources and finding you fit in the capital raise progression.”


Managing Director, Cerebro Capital

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"I have the pleasure of working with a team from TCV Growth Partners whose purpose is to help me accelerate the growth of my company while as the same time, freeing up my time to focus on what I do best.  It takes a team to run a business and TCV partners have helped me fill in the gaps."


CEO and Creative Director, Astriata

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