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SCALEUP™ Maryland
ScaleUP Maryland

TCV Growth Partners and UMBC have joined forces to develop the SCALEUP Maryland program sponsored by the Maryland Department of Commerce and the T. Rowe Price Foundation. This twelve week program is coached by seasoned entrepreneurs and business development professionals. SCALEUP is designed help owners and CEO's of companies with revenues up to $10M develop a viable strategic growth plan. The program provides the knowledge, structure and the tools needed to implement the plan they develop. Presentations range from Leadership and Team Building to Managing and Forecasting Cash Flow.  Learn more Here or contact us using the form below and we will be happy to schedule a zoom session.

SCALEUP Testimonials

This was the perfect timing at a stage when we are going to the Market. We needed the discipline around strategy and planning and coming up with reliable systems to make our company into a successful company. However, the biggest opportunity and hurdle in our business was me. The SCALEUP MD program provided me the path and tools to remove me from being a bottleneck and a controller to taking control over my business! A. St Jean, CEO the Equity Brain Trust

This has been an incredibly useful program for me. It has forced me to do the things I needed and have needed to do. I have made excuses for not doing and now I have a clear plan of action to drive focus and my business forward. A. Kalivretenos, CEO Aurora Analytics LLC

The program definitely helped me, even though I started companies before, the SCALEUP MD program was a great reminder to focus on strategy vs constantly moving and getting things done without defining the tasks and the metrics to go with them. The sales process and using a CRMm was key for me as to help identify what tools  should be automated and what I hadn’t yet accomplished. This is a huge item and ultimately a cost savings which will have a huge impact on my company moving forward.  Cash flow is king and the finance sessions were worth the information! A. Aliage, CEO BlueCyber Security

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