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SCALEUP™ Maryland
ScaleUP Maryland

TCV Growth Partners and bwtech@UMBC have joined forces to create this unique program especially for founders and CEO's of companies that want to avoid stagnation and safely grow their businesses.

The SCALEUP Maryland program is sponsored by the Maryland Department of Commerce and the T. Rowe Price Foundation.The twelve week program is coached by seasoned entrepreneurs, business development, operations and finance professionals.


Designed for owners and CEO's of companies with revenues up to $15M, the program provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop and execute a viable strategic growth plan. The program mentors the participants through plan development and regularly reviews their progress. In addition, "one on one" mentoring is provided with subject matter experts. This program requires a commitment from participants to study "homework" and share their key insights with other cohort members as they are coached along with the development of their strategic plan.

Study topics range from Leadership and Team Building to Marketing, Sales, Managing and Forecasting Cash Flow and more.  The fall 2024 cohort will be limited to 8 applicants and applications must be submitted by late August.  Learn more at the SCALEUP Maryland Webpage or contact Doug@TCV-Growth.Partners for more information, or apply HERE.

SCALEUP Testimonials

Ali A: "The program definitely helped me, even though I started companies before, the SCALEUP MD program was a great reminder to focus on strategy vs constantly moving and getting things done without defining the tasks and the metrics to go with them. The sales process and using a CRM was key for me as to help identify what tools  should be automated and what I hadn’t yet accomplished. This is a huge item and ultimately a cost savings which will have a huge impact on my company moving forward.  Cash flow is king and the finance sessions were worth the information! "

Angel. St.J : "This was the perfect timing at a stage when we are going to the Market. We needed the discipline around strategy and planning and coming up with reliable systems to make our company into a successful company. However, the biggest opportunity and hurdle in our business was me. The SCALEUP MD program provided me the path and tools to remove me from being a bottleneck and a controller to taking control over my business!"  


Angela S: "This program was phenomenal. Just like Angel St. Jean referred to me, I will definitely be referring to others!"

Ketan P:  "This was an excellent point for me to embrace the learning and gain a better understanding of what bwtech does as well. I learned so much from the program and even with the experience I came in with there were so many items I was able to learn and take away from people to finance to operations!"

RD D: "I was referred to the program by my colleagues and found out so many enticing opportunities to improve my business skills. This program was influential in helping me with the discipline I needed which will impact my overall success. Thank you and I look forward to promoting the program to others at bwtech."

Jay P: "SCALEUP MD is critical to me specifically as it relates to my sales and marketing plan. I really enjoyed the discussion and the homework assignments gave me things to think about and then the way the program provided us the opportunity to engage with each other was fantastic! Everyone had a good chance to engage and the size was good."

Jim K: "I appreciated the opportunity to include my head of sales in the sales sessions. There are so many nuggets of information to decipher and appreciate the fact the sessions were recorded so I could go and review when I missed a couple. Overall the program will help me focus and drive more sales through my marketing plan and operational efficiencies I hope to gain through the implementation of the Quarterly Action Plan."




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