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Rick Vohrer

Rick Vohrer is Your Sales Quarterback

He helps our clients to develop and manage their sales teams. Some might say selling is in his blood. He started selling at age 5: shoeshines for a nickel door to door in his neighborhood. Next, while in High School, he added telephone solicitation and a stint at Fuller Brush while managing a newspaper distribution network of 14 paperboys. After serving in the Air Force Rick attended college at night, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance all while learning the installment loan and collection business at a local bank. This led Rick to the opening of the local office of Merrill Lynch where he used his sales acumen to open NEW accounts for a decade.


Eventually Rick purchased three challenged sign franchise locations and turned them around to become top performers by applying techniques that became known as the Sales Triathlete method. He’s played in a lot of sandboxes, worn all the hats and has the “skinned knees” earned on the path called experience. Now he gives back by coaching business owners, on how to grow their top line and complete the Sales Triathlon. Because without a growing top line, there is little chance for a positive line at the bottom.

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