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Rick Vohrer

Mary Ann Wilson, Director

Mary Ann specializes in Financial Executive Leadership as a CFO, helping small to midsized companies develop controls and procedures to be successful in growth.  She is constantly looking for ways to streamline and reengineer processes and reporting in order to give organization leadership the necessary tools and guidance to make sound strategic business decisions.  Mary Ann ensures that other executives have a strong pulse on their business.  She has integrated several acquisitions into existing businesses and most recently facilitated a business acquisition.  Working in conjunction with an M&A advisory firm Mary Ann created the necessary documentation for the data room. She fully understands what it takes to take a company to market.  She works with the private equity firms to execute and integrate transactions.


Mary Ann earned her BA from Towson University and is an active CPA.  She has worked many years for publicly traded companies and completed five years in public accounting before moving into the small to midsize company arena.  She is also on the board of directors for the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy as the Treasurer.

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