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Hillel Glazer

Hillel Glazer

Hillel specializes in transforming operations to ensure efficient and profitable delivery of products and services.

Hillel is a delivery and performance wizard. He gets delivery flowing and unlocks performance by integrating the experience of a worldwide, industry-spanning career of over 30 years in engineering, performance, manufacturing, quality, compliance, and transformations. 


Hillel learns what the best do best and what prevents the rest from being among them. Drawing from Federal engagements in DOD, NASA, and Department of Treasury, and from the world's largest medical and financial powerhouses, as well as from startups, there are scant industries where his influence has not been appreciated.


He has served as Director of Software Operations to an early SaaS company in the "dot-com boom", as well as the CTO/CIO of a recent nascent agriculture finance company employing ML/AI, and space and atmospheric remote sensing. He's held interim executive or governance advisory roles in a multitude of operations. Hillel then incorporated all of his experience into his book, "High Performance Operations: Leveraging Compliance to Lower Costs, Increase Profits, and Gain Competitive Advantage." 


His mentoring and coaching approach to leadership transfers the deep understanding of what needs to be done along with why it needs to be done and why it works. He leaves his clients with new capabilities to decide when and how to get work done without relying on him or others. Using universally applicable foundational concepts his teachable methods and relatable approaches create a culture of safe experimentation, innovation, collaboration, and rapid solutions. He is a methodology agnostic whose super-charged analytical skills sees through complex problems to identify and execute elegant, accessible solutions. 


When not advising, parenting, or flying animal rescues out of kill shelters, Hillel is a CxO in residence at Baltimore's Emerging Technology Centers, an executive advisor to TEDCO, and an M.I.I. site miner and graduate faculty at UMBC and holds a Bachelors in aerospace engineering and a Master of Science in Technology Management.

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